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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I think I hate Pinktober

I think I hate Pinktober and I feel kind of guilty about it. As a breast cancer survivor, shouldn't I be waving the pink flag and walking and running my feet off? Shouldn't I celebrate the fact that there's a whole month dedicated to breast cancer awareness? Instead, all month long I am filled with conflicting emotions. I'm grateful for every penny that is raised for research for a cure - but I'm so "aware" that it drives me a little crazy. Every single time I go to the grocery store during October, the checkout clerk asks me if I want to donate to breast cancer.  That's what they say, too. Not, "Do you want to donate to help find a cure?" Or, "Do you want to donate for breast cancer research funding?" NO - they say, "Do you want to donate to breast cancer?" And it takes all of my willpower to keep from saying, "No thanks, already donated a breast."

Don't get me wrong - thank goodness for the millions of dollars raised by pink-wearing NFL players, yogurt cups with pink ribbons and companies that give generously during Pinktober. It's just that I have a very strong emotional response to the flood of pink out there. I wish we could keep the message simple. Let's put those resources toward developing vaccines and treatments that don't make you feel and look worse than the disease itself.  Let's donate to fund research for a cure - because someday I'd really like October to go back to its original colors of red, gold and orange for Fall.


  1. As somebody who has had breast cancer, I totally agree

    1. I received a bracelet and a pin w pink ribbons on them. I know my friends meant well, but I really don't want to wear them. I think a boob and a bald head are enough, I don't need to wear a badge too!!

  2. Hi Heather- You took the words right out of my mouth. It takes guts to be anti-pink. Everyone thinks if you don't support Pinktober, you are not supportive of the fight against Breast Cancer. Very little money from all of those yogurt cups and pink t-shirts actually go to research that can find new treatments let alone a cure. If people who are reading this want to support the fight against breast cancer check out The National Breast Cancer Coalition Website- they have a set a deadline to end BC by 2020. And if you want to donate money to really help a woman in need who is battling cancer- check out your local version of or Both of these organizations are dedicated to helping women with grocery cards and help with medical co-pays. Don't waste your money on a pink t-shirt. Take it from this 4 year Breast Cancer survivor- we are all too aware of Cancer, and we don't need a pink t-shirt to remind us.

  3. Agreed! I am 6 months in on this club and this is my first Pinktober after diagnosis. I feel bombarded.